• Resolution of the European Court of Justice in the proceedings of the claims for refunding the sales tax on non-excise goods filed by the subsidiaries of Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS

    On 11 August 2014, Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS published a stock exchange announcement, in which it was announced that the subsidiaries of the group were appealing for a refund of the sales tax paid in Tallinn in the period from 1 June 2010 to 31 December 2011 in the total amount of 3.27 million euros. The city of Tallinn has refunded to the subsidiaries of Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS the sales tax paid on excise goods and the dispute remains ongoing with respect to non-excise goods (stock exchange announcements of 10 May 2016 and 30 June 2016).

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  • Unaudited consolidated interim accounts for the second quarter and first six months of 2018

    n the second quarter of 2018, the unaudited sales revenue of the Tallinna Kaubamaja Group was 174.9 million euros, exceeding the year-on-year result by 6.2%. Read more

  • Address change of Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS

    Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS announces that the company's new legal and postal address is Kaubamaja 1, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia. Read more

Tallinna Kaubamaja Group

Operators that form Tallinna Kaubamaja Group mostly pursue their business in the sphere of retail and wholesale trade. The Group companies contribute more than one tenth of retail trade in Estonia in general and employ more than 3,500 people.

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